ARTH 260 * Introduction to Art History * Professor Sarah Benson * Spring 2005

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Quiz on week 7 and week 8 images

Discussion topic:
Flâneury by proxy, or the case of the missing feet: SEARS and the invention of the mail-order catalogue

Complete the readings and write up answers for the following questions to insert in your journal.

1) Outline the goals and methods of Feminist art history, as D'ALLEVA describes them.
2) Who was the primary audience for the SEARS catalogue? How did the SEARS catalogue function as a melting pot? How did it enable its readers to be flîaneurs ?
3) How did images of male and female differ in the SEARS catalogue, and why?
4) Find a contemporary American catalogue or advertising image and compare it to these images from the SEARS catalogue. Has the representation of female vs. male changed? If so how? How does the image attempt to create consumer desire in the viewer? Who seems to be the target audience? How would you do a Feminist analysis of the image? A Marxist analysis? Make sure to bring your image to section.

episteme {see the Concise Oxford Dictionary of Literary Terms }
interpellate {see the Oxford Dictionary of English , meaning 2}
Ladies' Silk Waists
SEARS catalogue
Men's suits
SEARS catalogue
Girls' coats
SEARS catalogue

Boys' suits
SEARS catalogue



* STOKSTAD , AH , "Late-Nineteenth-Century Art in Britian," pp. 977-979; "The Print Revivals," p. 984; "Art Nouveau," pp. 1003-1005; Thomas Eakins, pp. 1011-1012; "Late-Flowering Art Nouveau," pp. 1021-1022
* KELLER, "Disseminations of Modernity: Representations and Consumer Desire in Early Mail-Order Catalogues"
* D'ALLEVA, "Feminisms"
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