ARTH 260 * Introduction to Art History * Professor Sarah Benson * Spring 2005

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Discussion topic:
the definition of the individual in the 18th century through political texts and heroic portraiture

Complete the readings and prepare answers for the following questions in your journal.

1) How do the American "Bill of Rights" and French "Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen" define the individual and the relationship of the indivual to the collective?
2) Describe ways in which the two documents agree or differ in conferring rights on the individual.
3) Now look at the following portraits, both French and American, that appear in your STOKSTAD readings. Do they reflect the ideas of Enlightenment and the Cult of Sensibility, how? How might they have functioned as tools that helped to redefine the individual either personally or politically?

Read more about these Terms:
Enlightenment (Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy)
Sensibility (Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy | Concise Oxford Dictionary of Literary Terms)

Marie-Louise-Élisabeth VIGÉE-LEBRUN (1755-1842)
Portrait of Marie Antionette with Her Children
Oil on canvas
2.75 x 2.15 m.
Musée National de Chateau de Versailles
Jean-Siméon CHARDIN (1699-1779)
The Governess
Oil on canvas
Ottawa: National Gallery of Canada
John Singelton COPLEY (1738-1815)
Samuel Adams
c. 1770-72
Oil on canvas
127 x 102.2 c.
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Jean-Antoine HOUDON (1741-1828)
George Washington
Height 1.9 m
Richmond, VA: State Capitol
Jacques-Louis DAVID (1748-1825)
Death of Marat
Oil on canvas
1.65 x 1.28 m.
Brussels: Musées Royaux des Beaux-Arts de Belgique
Anne-Louis GIRODET-Trioson (1767-1824)
Portrait of Jean-Baptiste Belley
Oil on canvas
1.59 x 1.13 m.
Musée National de Chateau de Versailles

* STOKSTAD, AH , "Eighteenth-Century Art in Europe and North America," pp. 896-897; "The Enlightenment and Its Revolutions," pp. 898-899; "Academies and Academy Exhibitions," p. 906; "Women and Academies," 910; "Classical Revival in Architecture and Landscaping," pp. 913-915; "History Painting," 922-924
* the American "Bill of Rights," 1789
* the French "Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen," 1789
* Grove Dictionary of Art, "Museum, §I: History / 4. Cultural monuments: the creation of the Musée du Louvre and repercussions in Europe"
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