ARTH 260 * Introduction to Art History * Professor Sarah Benson * Spring 2005

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For your final project you will curate your own imaginary exhibit for Cornell's Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art. This paper will function as a do-it-yourself final exam, allowing you to pick your own theme and favorite works to write about.  
* Choose a course theme, other than the one you wrote about for PAPER 2, as the focus of your exhibit.
* Choose 6-8 works to include in your show, at least 1 from each UNIT. These should be from lecture (review class web site), from the attached list of works at the Johnson, or from the photographs that will be on view at the Johnson for our class during WEEK 13. Works may be from any medium as long as they illustrate your theme: paintings, prints, photographs, sculptures, films, decorative objects, or architecture (you could imagine using plans or photographs to display buildings).
* Draw up a plan of how you would install these in the exhibition space: Gallery 10 of the Johnson Museum (a floor plan is attached). This space is on the 1 st floor on the south end of the building.
* Write a brochure (5-6 pages, double spaced) explaining your exhibit and its theme to visitors. Your text should relate the works to each other and establish their historical contexts.
* Create a timeline on which you list the works of art and any important dates related to them or your theme (historical events, publication of books, and so on; see lecture handouts).
* For each work, write wall labels listing artist, title, date, medium, and location or loan institution, and including brief paragraph-length captions. These captions should be similar to the significance section of your quizzes but explain the image as it relates to the theme of your exhibit.
* Papers should be 5-6 pages (double spaced), typed/word-processed, in a 10- to 12-point font (such as Courier, Times, or Garamond); include your name on every page; staple.
* Include on your title page your TA's name and the class theme you wrote about.
* Give your exhibit an interesting and informative title .
* Your argument and wording must be your own.
* Cite arguments and examples from the readings or our online resources with footnotes or parenthetical references.


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paragraph stating theme and preliminary list of works you plan to include

Friday 13 May
with all components:
plan, brochure text, timeline, wall labels