ARTH 260 * Introduction to Art History * Professor Sarah Benson * Spring 2005

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Unit 1: week 1


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Cornell Library | Grove Dictionary of Art | Encyclopaedia Britannica | Oxford Dictionary of Art | Oxford Companion to Western Art | Oxford Dictionary of Architecture | History of Art Dept. | Cornell Homepage

Over the course of the semester you will create a journal as a record of the material we cover in class. This assignment is designed to encourage you to take good lecture notes and to examine closely the images in STOKSTAD and on our course website. Because the practice of art history involves studying both visual and literary material, working on your journal will help you to engage on both levels with the works of art and architecture that we introduce. In the process you'll create your own souvenir of the Modern Era. Take time to review your notes every week to see if you missed any information during the lectures.

A complete journal will include:
* notes for every lecture
* skecthes of every required work
* preparatory notes for section discussion

DUE: at the end of every Unit